Dreamin 'bout Peds is a site dedicated to making Pomeranian pedigrees available to those who wish to link or use them as reference.    This system also allows you to run trial and reverse pedigrees (for those dogs that have been entered into the db).

Currently the db is relatively small, but I fully expect it to grow by leaps and bounds.  My hope is that other Pom owners will send me their pedigrees and pictures to add to the database, making it a central resource for pedigree research.   This system is not backing or sponsoring any specific kennel and is taking no credit for the breeding or ownership of any dog listed here.  Additionally, The site is right click protected in an attempt to discourage others from taking advantage of the pictures that have been graciously contributed.

The one thing that I am requesting is that you submit your contact information so that I can let you know if for some reason the server name changes (you will find the link below)  Rest assured this is not going to put you on some mass mailing list.  The only mail you will receive is if there is some major change that might affect your links.  Please ensure that you are using the instructions linked below for making those links.

Happy searching!!!

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I welcome your comments, suggestions or report of issues and inaccuracies in the database.  The information I have is collected from many sources and laboriously entered into the database.  I am human and human errors can occur, please let me know if you see a problem.

If you would like to be contacted by email for some major change that may affect your links, please email and I will add you to my list.  Rest assured this is not going to put you on some mass mailing list. 
The only mail you will receive would be for some major change that might affect your links.

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